27 May · Properties

Are you interested in a property located in a real oasis of peace and tranquillity, only 30 minutes from Alicante airport and the fine sandy beaches of the Costa Blanca? We would like you to discover Hondón de las Nieves, a town located in a beautiful valley between olive groves, vineyards and...

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Buying a house as an investment
28 Feb · General information

Buying a home as an investment can be a sound financial strategy if done correctly. Here is a more detailed look at the various aspects to consider when buying a home as an investment: 1. Investment goals: Before buying a home as an investment, it's important to define your financial goals -...

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Elements that make up your house: windows
15 Feb · General information

Windows are essential architectural elements in buildings, providing natural light, ventilation and visual connections to the outside environment. In addition to serving practical functions, they also play an important role in the aesthetic design and energy efficiency of a building. ...

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Costs and taxes associated with buying and selling a home
8 Feb · General information

These are the costs associated with the purchase of a property in 2024: Notary fees The notary's office costs between 600 and 900 euros, depending on the price of the property. For example, for a flat of 250,000 euros you would have to pay around 1,000 euros. Land Registry...

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Elements that make up a dwelling: bathrooms
30 Jan · Properties

Bathrooms continue to be one of the key areas that determine the choice of one home or another. Although it may seem a fleeting space, it has been proven that the time we spend in it is high, as it is involved in the ritual of our body worship and therefore, we want it to be a pleasant place in...

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