Air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems
18 May · General information

Spring in Alicante gives us very pleasant temperatures, both day and night, and although it is not usually necessary to modify the temperature inside our homes,
we cannot forget that the summer season is just around the corner and soon we may miss some "way" to cool the rooms, especially in the central hours of the day and when we want to sleep.

Air conditioning systems are the best way to achieve the thermal comfort that is so necessary for life in our homes, especially in the seasons with more extreme temperatures such as summer and winter.
It is said that the most suitable conditions to obtain thermal comfort are between 23-25 degrees in summer and 21-23 degrees in winter, and to achieve them we can use any of the different air-conditioning systems available.
Air conditioning systems, individually or in combination:

- Air conditioning for heating:
The best known and most commonly used are electric radiators and gas boilers.
Although the electric radiators are easy to install and do not require professional installation, they tend to consume a high amount of electricity.
Boilers, however, require a slightly higher investment and a specialised company to install the whole system, which may include water radiators or underfloor heating as heat transmitters.

- Air conditioning for cooling
They are older units that use air or water coolers. In disuse, as the vast majority of these systems already include a heat pump.

- Combined cooling-heating air conditioning
Nowadays, it is very popular, since with only one system you can obtain both thermal benefits.
We can find air conditioners with heat pump, more and more efficient and silent.
Also the new aerothermal systems, capable of taking advantage of the outside air even during the coldest of winters, to extract its energy and transform it into hot air,
and on the contrary, in summer, to take the hot air out of the room so that the water in the system can be cooled and thus be able to cool the house.

All the properties in the Green Hills residential complex, Dama IV, the Azulik villa have one or more of these systems to guarantee the wellbeing you require in your new home.

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