Ground floor apartments

Ground floor apartments
13 Sep · Properties

Of all the options available on the market today, we have ground floor properties.
Whether they are desired depends much more on personal preference in comparison to the other levels of a building and are often unfairly valued for the sake of it: they are either loved or hated.

The choice between a second and a fourth floor is not really important for buildings with limited floors.
Penthouses are a special case, as they tend to have different characteristics from the rest of the units.

Choosing a ground floor as your new home is the closest thing to a terraced house for those who can't afford it, and provides some degree of independence from the rest of the building's inhabitants.

The access to a ground floor property is much easier as there is no need for a lift.
This is perfect for people with mobility problems. While you contribute to the expenses of the community, you won't have to suffer the inconvenience of having a service breakdown or waiting for it to be used continuously.

Most of them usually have a larger patio, deck or private garden than the rest of the properties which may not even exist.
But even if you live in a residential complex with a garden, having access to you own garden from the living room is a great advantage. Pets and children are a guaranteed fan of this feature as well.

And what are the things that make a future owner rule out buying a ground floor flat?

One of these is privacy. The idea that by being at street level, you will be observed by people passing by rejects their decision.
In reality, a ground floor flat is no less private than any other house, where you have to place curtains, blinds and shutters to keep out curious eyes. 

And for your garden there are fences, hedges, pergolas, artificial hiding places .....

The feeling of insecurity may also block the purchase of a ground floor apartment. 

It is increasingly common to install security systems such as cameras, gates and alarms in all types of homes, as 'criminals' will not distinguish between the heights of homes if they have set an attractive target.
The chances of an break-in are therefore the same for detached houses, ground floors or fifth floors apartments.

Their market value is generally lower than the rest of the houses, precisely because of what we mentioned in the previous 2 points, which gives you another advantage to invest at a lower cost in your future new home.

We invite you to visit some of the ground floors of our Residencial Green Hills, so that you can imagine the great experiences you can have there.

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