Revaluation of a property

Revaluation of a property
5 Oct · General information

Buying a home is always one of the best options for a good investment, whether as a permanent or holiday home, in which the payments will not go to waste, or as a rental, amortising the expenses made little by little.
The location, nearby services and, of course, the condition of the house are the key points you should look at for your investment.

Afterwards, with just a few small gestures, you can increase the value of your property, so you will see the benefits acquired increase.
This is applicable to all the uses you want to give to the house: long term rental, holiday rental or sale.

When it comes to a new build property, practically everything is done.
With just a few adjustments, especially in decoration, and by adding extra comforts you can make your guests or tenants much happier, and it will be more attractive to future buyers.

In second-hand houses, an increased investment will probably be necessary, to cover all the deficiencies that have appeared during the years and use.
A renovated house can increase in value by up to 25%, so it is well worth the expense.

Some essential points can be:
- Installation of air-conditioning systems and efficient household appliances.
- Instalation of domotic systems that can control lighting, air conditioning, blinds and even security circuits.
- Painting walls and ceilings, doors and windows, if they are made of wood, or changing them for others made of materials with better sealing and acoustic and temperature insulation.
- Eliminating humidity and sound insulation of walls that could be problematic.
- Giving a pinch of love to the bathrooms. A renovated bathroom can increase the revaluation by up to 5%.
- Look after the kitchen. Nobody wants to put their food on dirty or grubby furniture.

All these improvements you can find them already in any of our developments of flats, bungalows and villas of new construction, so you will save in inconvenience, money and above all a lot of time to see the best investment of your life revalued.