No regrets about buying your home

No regrets about buying your home
3 Nov · General information

Some statistics indicate that just over half of those surveyed had no regrets when buying their new home, but this leaves far too high a percentage of those new homeowners who did.

The initial excitement and happiness can quickly fade if the buyer begins to realise that their dream was not what it was painted to be, that things get complicated and problems begin to emerge that were hidden before the purchase. These are the main causes of new buyer's remorse:

- Lack of space. Or too much of it. It can be just as uncomfortable if the house is too small as if it is so big that you can't keep it.
The size is directly associated with the price, not only of the purchase but also of supplies, cleaning, fees.....

- Location: a good location to meet all your needs. Think about what you and your family may need, in your leisure and everyday life.
What is good for others is not necessarily good for you.

- Light and outdoor areas: feeling enclosed in your home, with no outdoor spaces, small windows and no natural light... feeling of suffocation in your own home.

- Noise: here we find factors such as neighbours, industries, hotels and restaurants.... evaluate if your house is well insulated and if the noises from the environment will be a problem.

- Expenses: Associated with the purchase, mortgage, taxes... that your economy allows you to live and assume them comfortably.

- Condition of the property: if it is second hand and many years old, it will probably need renovation or have hidden defects.

In anticipation of all this, the Urmosa team has developed the Try Before you Buy service, so that you can assess whether that house you like so much is the one you are really looking for.
The usual visits to a property for sale do not usually exceed 30 minutes, which is not enough time to check all the aforementioned factors.

The exclusive TBYB service allows the buyer to stay in the property for up to 3 nights, so that they can get a real idea of what life would be like in their new home.
Getting to know the neighbours, visiting the surroundings and interacting with them, walking around the area, using the residential services .... are key actions to be fully convinced and that the dream of buying your home has a happy ending.