Villa Mediterráneo, more than just a house by the sea

Villa Mediterráneo, more than just a house by the sea
3 Jun · Properties

Although we know the advantages of having a house on the Costa Blanca in terms of the benevolent Mediterranean climate and the intelligent decision to invest in a property in this area, living in front of the coast for seasons or throughout the year induces benefits in our health that can hardly be achieved in other geographical areas. For this reason, the choice of the location of our Villa Mediterráneo residential development, just a few metres from the sea, in Santa Pola, was not random.

One of the elements that help to improve our health is the air coming from the sea.
This air is cleaner and with hardly any pollutants. It contains neither dust particles nor allergens, gases or irritating substances for our respiratory tract.
Its temperature is warm and pleasant. Our Mediterranean Sea is not a sea of cold waters, and since the sun shines almost every day of the year, it acts as a thermal regulator. 

In addition, the sea breeze is full of trace elements that nourish and renew the tissue of the lung alveoli. Its ozone content means that there are hardly any germs in suspension, making the air healthier and purer than that breathed indoors.
Inhaling a good breath of sea air renews and clears your lungs, which is extremely beneficial for relieving the symptoms of some respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

At the coast, the atmospheric pressure is lower and the amount of oxygen increases. Our breathing can be slower, calmer and deeper, which helps to balance our heart rate, calm and soothe our stress and aid in the recovery process from any kind of illness.

Strolling along the shore at sunset, or getting up and breathing in the morning air, listening to the murmur of the waves and gazing at the horizon where sea and sky meet, provide a very pleasant feeling of well-being, as these stimuli raise serotonin levels.

We could fill pages and pages about the advantages and benefits of living in front of the sea in houses like those of the Residencial Villa Mediterráneo, in Santa Pola.
But we prefer that you can see for yourself by visiting our development and with our exclusive service TBYB (try before you buy). 

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