Elements that make up a dwelling: bathrooms

Elements that make up a dwelling: bathrooms
30 Jan · Properties

Bathrooms continue to be one of the key areas that determine the choice of one home or another. Although it may seem a fleeting space, it has been proven that the time we spend in it is high, as it is involved in the ritual of our body worship and therefore, we want it to be a pleasant place in which to spend our precious time.

Modern bathroom design focuses on functionality, simplicity, space efficiency and the incorporation of contemporary elements. Let's look at the common trends on which we base the design of today's bathrooms in our new builds.

1. Neutral Colour Palette:

○ Use neutral colours such as white, grey and earth tones to create a clean and elegant environment. Touches of colour are often incorporated through accessories or decorative elements to suit the new owner's taste.

2. Modern Materials:
○ Opt for modern, minimalist materials such as glass, stainless steel, polished concrete and light-toned wood. These materials provide a contemporary look that is easy to maintain.

3. Luminosity:
○ Prioritise natural lighting wherever possible. Large windows, large mirrors and well-designed artificial lighting contribute to a bright ambience.

4. Floor-level showers:
○ Barrier-free or floor-level showers are common in modern bathrooms. These are not only aesthetically appealing but also practical and accessible.

5. Floating Furniture:
○ Use suspended or floating furniture to create a sense of lightness and visual spaciousness. Wall-mounted cabinets and shelves also help maximise space.

6. Modern Sanitaryware and Taps:
○ Choose toilets and washbasins with simple lines and modern design faucets. Geometric shapes and clean lines are typical features. Wall-hung sanitaryware also plays a starring role in our bathrooms and toilets.

7. Large mirrors:
○ Incorporate large mirrors to increase the sense of space and reflect light. They can have integrated lighting for a contemporary look.

8. Geometric Elements:
○ Play with geometric patterns and shapes in tiles, flooring, and accessories. These elements add a modern and visually interesting touch.

9. Integrated Technology:
○ Incorporate modern technology, such as underfloor heating systems, Ventilation systems with forced exhaust to remove excess moisture, dimmable LED lighting, mirrors
mirrors with demister, and integrated music systems.

10. Interior Vegetation:
○ Add plants or natural elements to create a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Green details bring a touch of life to modern design, according to the new owner's preferences.

11. Integrated Storage:
○ Design integrated and discreet storage solutions to keep the space tidy. This can include built-in shelves and wall niches.

Bathroom design can vary according to personal taste and the specific needs of each individual. The key is to strike a balance between contemporary aesthetics and functionality, which we boast we have achieved in the bathrooms and toilets of all our ready-made homes.
and bathrooms in all our homes ready for you to enjoy.