Elements that make up your house: windows

Elements that make up your house: windows
15 Feb · General information

Windows are essential architectural elements in buildings, providing natural light, ventilation and visual connections to the outside environment.

In addition to serving practical functions, they also play an important role in the aesthetic design and energy efficiency of a building. 

Main functions:
1. Daylighting: they allow sunlight to enter the building interior, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.
Ventilation: Facilitates air flow, helping to maintain a cool, well-ventilated indoor environment.
3. Visual Connection to the Exterior: They provide views to the outside environment, connecting the interior to the exterior and contributing to the aesthetic design.
4. Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: They contribute to thermal insulation, maintaining the interior temperature, and to acoustic insulation, reducing exterior noise.
5. Aesthetics: Contribute to architectural design, influencing the style and appearance of the building.

Common Window Types:
1. Sliding Windows: These open by sliding horizontally or vertically along rails. They are ideal for limited space.
2. Casement Windows: Open outward or inward on hinges. They allow good airflow control.
3. Tilt-and-turn windows: Open inwards from the top, providing ventilation without fully exposing the interior.
4. Tilt and turn windows: Can be opened in both tilt and turn position, providing flexibility in ventilation.
5. Fixed Windows: These are non-operable and are primarily used to provide light and views, but not ventilation.
6. Sash Windows: These have two panes that move up and down vertically.
7. Roof Windows (Velux): Fitted in pitched or flat roofs to allow light to enter from above.
8. Security Glass Windows: Reinforced for strength and security.
9. Smart Windows: Incorporate technology for automatic lighting and temperature control.

The choice of window type will depend on factors such as building design, required functionality, climatic and security considerations. In addition, the energy efficiency of windows is a crucial aspect in minimising heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, and the type of glazing has a lot to do with this.

So, by using double glazing with an air chamber in the windows in the new Sunset Beach flats, we ensure efficient insulation, not only of temperature, but also of outside noise.

In our constructions we have selected the most suitable type of window for each room according to its function. Let's take as an example our choice in the balcony windows that connect the living rooms with the outside garden, made of aluminium with thermal bridge break, double glazing with air chamber and security glass.

Windows are definitely a key element in the construction of modern housing, due to their structural and energy function, and their influence in defining the aesthetic style of the building.